Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Press Espresso // CoffeeMates

"Never underestimate the importance of being properly caffeinated."

Today I am sharing another Cafe Hopping experience. I am always so excited to be sharing these beautiful coffee shops on here. I have decided to make this an ongoing series and since we tend to turn our little visits into dates, I have decided to call it CoffeMates. I can't wait to show you the most recent one Martin and I went to, The Press Espresso. We loved absolutely everything about it! If you are ever in the Temecula area, and if you have the chance, then make sure to visit Old Town Temecula. It's absolutely wonderful. As soon as we entered old town Temecula, I felt like I was in another world. I certainly can not wait to go back again. Well, let's get started. 

The Press Espresso
The Press Espresso is definitely a beautiful hidden gem in Old Town Temecula. The coffee here is some of the best coffee I've ever tasted hands down. Not only was I super excited to visit because of how beautiful it looked, but I was super excited to taste the coffee. Of course with any CoffeeMates experience, it all starts out with a quick search on Yelp. This place had 5 stars, and when I looked at the photos, I was sold. 

This place is absolutely beautiful. The decor is a mixture of rustic and modern. It is like nothing I've seen before. What really drew me to this place, to begin with, when I started my search on Yelp was the greenery. While we were trying to find the coffee shop because it was a bit hidden, I noticed the greenery hanging and knew right away it was there. I've never seen another coffee shop like this one. I was really drawn to its hipster vibe. Upon walking in, I wanted to take photos of all of the decor. If I had to rate the aesthetic, I'd definitely give it a 10/10! 

Menu and Drinks: 
Let's talk about the important thing. Is the coffee any good? Definitely! They have a variety of drinks. I tried the Iced Thai Coconut Espresso, and it was definitely very delicious. I usually have a white mocha or chai tea, but I decided to change it up. This drink was featured in the "Today's Special Drinks" board, and I felt like it sounded yummy! It definitely did not disappoint. Martin is a huge fan of white mocha, so he tried the Mayan Mocha, and it was very delicious. They also have a variety of vegan pastries, which I thought was super interesting. I would definitely rate the coffee and menu a 10/10. I have yet to go back and try other drinks, but what we tried was definitely delicious! 

Hangout Meter: 
Another very important quality I look for in Coffee Shops is whether or not it is okay to hang out. I look for a spacious or cozy atmosphere where I could sip a cup of coffee and read a good book. I was definitely in love with the vibe of this place. The employees were definitely very nice people. We were welcomed with warm smiles and dim lighting. What more could your girl ask for? It was truly a beauty. I wish it were a bit bigger, for this reason, I would give it a 9/10. Despite its size, however. I could definitely still envision myself reading a good book in this place. What I loved about this place is that the coffee shop was not awkwardly quiet. 

Instagram Worthy: 
And lastly, is this coffee shop "instagrammable"? Definitely. The possibilities are endless. As previously mentioned, their decor is breathtaking and like nothing I've seen before. Definitely a 15/10! 

So that is all I have for you today! If you ever get the chance to visit The Press Espresso, take a lot of pictures and enjoy! Until next time! 
xoxo Liz


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Managing Self-Doubt + Hopper and Burr Coffee Shop

These past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions. Besides feeling super blessed to have been able to spend Thanksgiving with my family and friends. I've been dealing a lot with self-doubt. I don't know about you, but there are days where I tend to focus on my fears and start to doubt my abilities. I struggle with giving myself credibility. It's easy for me to support everyone's dreams, but more often than not, I struggle to support my own. 

I have walked with my fear for years.
I fear failing. 
I fear walking alone.
There is a constant fear of change. 
I am afraid to have high expectations.
I've walked with it, and hugged it my entire life. 
Melting in its embrace. 
It holds me close and promises that it will never leave me alone. 
It caresses me day and night and it whispers in my ear. 
It's words piercing my heart. 

I've decided to say goodbye. 
Even though it hurts to say so.
I know I am doing this for me. 
Fear can no longer take control. 
I have decided to let go of fear's hand and walk on my own. 
I am no longer being led by it. 
It can no longer determine the steps of my life. 

I think it is time to recognize our strengths. It is so easy to tell others to be strong. It is so easy to encourage people to follow their dreams and to work hard. It is easy to remind them that they may go through a few rough patches that they will eventually overcome. But when does it become easy to believe in ourselves? and to push ourselves to never give up? 

If we don't encourage ourselves then who will? I have been so blessed with a husband who encourages me every single day. Martin reminds me daily that it's okay to fail. As a businessman, he understands how it feels to fail constantly. He always reminds me that if Steve Jobs would have given up, then I wouldn't be holding an iPhone in my hand. 

If we believe in our darkest thoughts instead of believing in our potential, we will never make it as far as we dream. If you don't have your very own Martin who constantly reminds you of your potential, then I encourage you to be your own support. What is your goal? What dream do you hold in your heart? I know that Thanksgiving just passed, but I am super thankful for every single day. Even if it's one of those rough days where I am dragging my feet to class. I am always thankful. I think it is super important to encourage ourselves. To welcome room for failure, but also be ready to pick ourselves up again. Take the leap and push yourself to greatness. 

On another note, the other day Martin and I visited hopper and Burr in Santa Ana. I loved the location and fell in love with their Chai Tea Latte. If you are ever in the area, I encourage you to visit and take a seat by the window. That was my favorite part about it all, and it makes me sad that this place isn't closer to home. I could definitely get used to sitting by the window while enjoying a really good book. Staff was also very friendly, and super fun to be around. Can't wait to visit again and have some more chai tea! 


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thankful for Today + Big Bear

Thankful for the Sunset 
Thankful for the sunrise
Thankful for the gloomy days 
and every time the rain dries

Been feeling a little nostalgic today. The year is almost over, and every year around this time, I start looking back at everything that I was able to do this year. I also try to think back at everything I felt, all I learned, and every dream or goal I had and what I did to get closer to them. 

I have made it a goal of mine, to always be thankful for today. Today is a gift, that not everyone has the chance to experience. But for some reason, we are still here, and we got to experience today. Sometimes I think to myself and try to remember the things that I try to avoid, like school presentations or anything that requires me getting out of my comfort zone, I think back to everything that made me feel uncomfortable or sad or even things that have made me doubt in myself, and I realize that I need to start looking at the bigger picture. 

To be thankful at all times. It's hard. But it definitely changes our perspective on life. 

Last Monday we took a spontaneous trip to big bear, and I had an awesome time! Captured a few memories there. We walked through Big Bear Village and crossed a few streets in an attempt to get candid photos, It was the most hilarious thing because we ended up walking back and forth the entire time. People must have thought we were crazy! We then walked along Big Bear Lake. The sun was just about right, and it was mesmerizing. I can't wait to go back. It's funny too because Big Bear is actually pretty close to where I live, yet I don't go there often. I will definitely need to go back when the ground is filled with snow. 

Shoutout to my gorgeous mother-in-law and her friend who are such a joy to be around!


Monday, November 6, 2017

I Got My Very First ONA Bag + Cafe Hopping!

I am so excited to be sharing a little bit about my weekend with you all! First things first, my birthday was two weeks ago, and I had such a wonderful time. Martin and my in-laws made me a surprise birthday party at our home, and I spent such a fun night laughing alongside my closest friends and family. 

Each year Martin asks me what I want for my birthday, and I always tell him that I don't have anything in particular that I want. This year he asked me again, and I told him I would be happy with anything. He surprised me on the morning of my birthday with roses, a balloon, and a Barnes and Noble gift card! If any of you know me then you absolutely know that I was super thrilled for that gift card. I went ahead and used it that very moment. I thought that was all I was getting, and I was super happy with it, but he still had another surprise for me! He surprised me with my very first ONA bag!

I had my eyes set on this leather prince street ONA bag for quite some time, and sure enough, it arrived at my door two days after my birthday! I was so thrilled! The quality of this bag is exceptional! Handcrafted from full-grain Italian leather, my favorite thing about this bag is it's aesthetic. I used it this whole weekend and I couldn't help but admire its rich well-traveled look! 

Martin and I also had the opportunity to have our very first Cafe Hopping experience. We visited a few coffee shops in Irvine, and we had such a blast doing so. One of my favorites was Hidden House Coffee! If you are ever in the Santa Ana area I encourage you to stop by and check it out The aesthetic of this place is phenomenal. I right away asked them if I could take pictures inside, and was thrilled when they said yes! You guys, doesn't the ONA bag look gorgeous in that light! Ugh! I'm in love! By the way, both ONA and HHC did NOT sponsor this post. Well anyways, I hope you enjoy these photos! 

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