Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Managing Self-Doubt + Hopper and Burr Coffee Shop

These past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions. Besides feeling super blessed to have been able to spend Thanksgiving with my family and friends. I've been dealing a lot with self-doubt. I don't know about you, but there are days where I tend to focus on my fears and start to doubt my abilities. I struggle with giving myself credibility. It's easy for me to support everyone's dreams, but more often than not, I struggle to support my own. 

I have walked with my fear for years.
I fear failing. 
I fear walking alone.
There is a constant fear of change. 
I am afraid to have high expectations.
I've walked with it, and hugged it my entire life. 
Melting in its embrace. 
It holds me close and promises that it will never leave me alone. 
It caresses me day and night and it whispers in my ear. 
It's words piercing my heart. 

I've decided to say goodbye. 
Even though it hurts to say so.
I know I am doing this for me. 
Fear can no longer take control. 
I have decided to let go of fear's hand and walk on my own. 
I am no longer being led by it. 
It can no longer determine the steps of my life. 

I think it is time to recognize our strengths. It is so easy to tell others to be strong. It is so easy to encourage people to follow their dreams and to work hard. It is easy to remind them that they may go through a few rough patches that they will eventually overcome. But when does it become easy to believe in ourselves? and to push ourselves to never give up? 

If we don't encourage ourselves then who will? I have been so blessed with a husband who encourages me every single day. Martin reminds me daily that it's okay to fail. As a businessman, he understands how it feels to fail constantly. He always reminds me that if Steve Jobs would have given up, then I wouldn't be holding an iPhone in my hand. 

If we believe in our darkest thoughts instead of believing in our potential, we will never make it as far as we dream. If you don't have your very own Martin who constantly reminds you of your potential, then I encourage you to be your own support. What is your goal? What dream do you hold in your heart? I know that Thanksgiving just passed, but I am super thankful for every single day. Even if it's one of those rough days where I am dragging my feet to class. I am always thankful. I think it is super important to encourage ourselves. To welcome room for failure, but also be ready to pick ourselves up again. Take the leap and push yourself to greatness. 

On another note, the other day Martin and I visited hopper and Burr in Santa Ana. I loved the location and fell in love with their Chai Tea Latte. If you are ever in the area, I encourage you to visit and take a seat by the window. That was my favorite part about it all, and it makes me sad that this place isn't closer to home. I could definitely get used to sitting by the window while enjoying a really good book. Staff was also very friendly, and super fun to be around. Can't wait to visit again and have some more chai tea! 



  1. Self doubt and anxiety can be truly crippling. I sincerely hope that you're able to overcome any self doubt and be your best self. And might I add, I love a good chai tea latte.

    1. I totally agree! Thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. It's important that we don't get down on ourselves. It can be easy to do but we CAN'T do it or we can self-destruct.

    1. I definitely think the same exact thing! That's why it's always important to encourage ourselves! Thank you for reading!


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